Fallout: How a Humble Market Town Brought the West Together as NCR (2023)

With the outbreak of the world nuclear war, virtually all the former nations of the world ceased to exist in theCairSeries. But among the factions that have risen to fight over the wastelands, the New California Republic may have the best chance of reuniting what's left of America.

NCR can trace its roots back to Vault 15 until it opened in 2097, just 20 years after the bombs fell. like almost everyone elsevaults, 15 residents were part of a Vault-Tec experiment, with its population made up of people of radically different ethnic and religious backgrounds. When it opened, most of the residents left to form raiding gangs, while the rest founded Shady Sands in 2122. No one could have predicted that their small town would one day become the capital of the greatest nation in the West.


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Shady Sands has seen prosperity for decades by trading with other communities. The city had its problems, as it was constantly attacked by bands of raiders such as the Great Khans, Jackals, and Vipers. Ironically, all of these gangs can trace their roots back to Vault 15. All that changed with the arrival of a mysterious Vault inhabitant in 2161, who defeated the invaders and saved the daughter of the city's leader, Tandi. With the invaders no longer attacking them, the communities allied with Shady Sands accepted the idea of ​​uniting into a single nation with a constitution and government. And in 2189, this republic was voted into a federation of five states, including Shady, Los Angeles, Dayglow, Maxson, and Hub. At that time, Tandi was elected president of the new NCR and served 10 terms until her death.

NCR has become a federal parliamentary republic that emphasizes and strives to uphold old world values ​​such as democracy, personal liberty, and the rule of law. Unlike the rest of the desert, its citizens enjoy luxuries like healthcare, education, a stable economy, and a large military and police force to protect them. The Republic itself has a combined population of 700,000 citizens, making it arguably the largest faction in the known Fallout world. The Republic also prohibits persecution and discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, sexuality, or religious beliefs. They are known to tolerate ghouls and mutants, allowing some to join the army. Of course, upon becoming a citizen of the Republic, people will have to pay various taxes.

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The NCR Army is the largest organized army in the desert and the backbone of the Republic. Soldiers, volunteers or conscripts, are backed by the industrial might of the Republic and unique technologies drawn from the desert, primarily from their wars with the Enclave and Brotherhood. Army divisions consist of different levels of equipment and training, and Republic doctrine generally consists of subduing the enemy through sheer numbers, regardless of casualties. Within the military is an elite team known as the NCR Rangers, an all-volunteer special force known for its specialized reconnaissance capabilities, bravery, and fighting prowess. These soldiers are often equipped with the best the NCR has to offer, including advanced pre- and post-war armor and weapons.

Around this time, NCR enjoyed a period of great prosperity, but with it came ambition. Many future Republic administrations sought to expand their territory and bring more communities into the fold. This expansion was highly successful thanks to the efforts of a tribe called The Chosen One, descendant of the Vault Dweller and player character ofconsequences 2. Many other cities would soon be absorbed into NCR. This expansion would also bring them into conflict with powerful factions, who saw the Republic as a threat to their plans.

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Despite their previous loyalty when threatened by the rise of the Enclave, the Brotherhood of Steel saw the NCR as a threat to their power and declared war to end their expansion. The Brotherhood was seen as the greatest power in the desert for over a century, with advanced technology and energy weapons. But the NCR had a much larger army and ended up defeating the Brotherhood through attrition. They also received help from Followers of the Apocalypse, an organization dedicated to desert relief efforts, providing education, medical services, and researching new technology. However, this alliance was short-lived as the Followers disagreed with the Republic's changing policy towards imperialism.

While NCR's huge population is a great advantage, it does have its drawbacks. Rapid population growth in New California outstripped the Republic's agricultural capacity, and without the acquisition of new territory and food sources, NCR could experience food shortages. The expansion also exceeded what the Republic could actually sustain, even with its large military forces stretched to the limit and unable to protect all of its borders, trade routes, and cities. The search for new resources generated serious problems of corruption and lobbying in the private sector. Organizations such as the Crimson Caravan Company and the Gun Runners have gained special favor within the NCR as their services are vital to maintaining trade and supply to the many branches of the Republic. Smaller competitors that cannot compete with both the larger competition and the high taxes are inevitably eliminated.

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The answer to many of these problems came with the discovery of theMojave desertand its crown jewels, the Hoover Dam and New Vegas. Thanks to the efforts of pre-war genius billionaire Robert House, the city and its environs were saved from being destroyed by nuclear weapons. By occupying the dam, it provided a constant supply of clean water and electricity, making it vital to the maintenance of NCR. They would soon face their biggest challenge yet, with the arrival of the Caesars Legion, who also wanted to take over the Dam and New Vegas. Despite the NCR's initial victory against the Legion, the war reached a stalemate until 2281, when the long-awaited second battle for the dam would begin.

News of the NCR spread far beyond its borders, with mentions of its existence as far away as the East Coast. Many people in the badlands have mixed feelings about NCR. Some strongly support the Republic's goals of spreading democracy and the rule of law, and others vehemently oppose its methods of "controlling" everything they come in contact with.

Byconsequences 4, it is unknown what state the Republic is in and whether they managed to conquer and tame the Mojave. Despite its many problems, the NCR has accomplished much and has been a positive factor, giving settlers a real chance at a life free from the dangers and hardships of nature. Many see it as a matter of time before they unite North America under their banner. Still, others were wary of praising the Republic, noting too many similarities to the old US government, which played a big part in causing the apocalypse from the start. Time will tell if they will suffer the same self-destructive fate or become a better nation that learned from the mistakes of its predecessors.

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