Jewelry Business Names: 520+ Catchy & Unique Names (video + infographic) (2023)

Jewelry consists of decorative items used to enhance the wearer's beauty or personal status. They are also used to define cultural, social or religious status within a specific community.

Jewelry is also used to show economic status and is relatively expensive; jewelry is often colorful and worn to attract attention.

Jewelry is often worn by women of different ages and on different occasions. Jewelry has a long history and the wearing of jewelry was considered religious and sacred.

In ancient times, married women wore jewelry to enhance their beauty, although today it is still used to enhance beauty; the only difference today is that it's seen more as a fashion sense than a religion.

Jewelry includes brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets and cufflinks. Jewelry is made from a wide variety of materials, mainly gold, silver and precious stones.

the idea ofTo start a businessin jewelry can be a good idea for a new entrepreneur. The jewelry business is a lucrative business with huge potential for investors.

The demand for jewelry is always stable and the market is full of opportunities. However, it would not be wrong to identify that there is a lot of competition in the existing market, but any new business with a good creativity and innovation plan can build a great business from it.

Any new business requires good planning and better strategic decision-making.

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AboveUS jewelry trade names


For any new business, it's important to start by deciding on a good name for yourself and registering it for the future.

A strong brand facilitates all the work of the business; the name itself promotes and brands the entire business, sochoose the right business namecan give a positive start to the business.

Choose the correct name of the jewelry store

  • The right name can lead your company to the pinnacle of success, and the wrong one can lead to failure. A company's name is often your first impression with customers.
  • It is also your first impression of other business owners and investors. The name also helps communicate your business strategy; You can create a negative image or a positive image, as you have the power to influence, the power to include and the power to exclude.

    The name is the first impression that is established in the market. The name helps differentiate your business from other similar businesses. A good name becomes a brand that gains popularity and consumers.

  • Keeping a name is a tough job and before keeping a name there are a few things to consider; it should be simple, short and easy to pronounce.

    A long, difficult name should be a barrier to new business, and no business would want to lose customers or suffer a loss because of the name.

    The name must be kept according to the business you do; any misleading name can lose your customers. The name should be descriptive and should sum up everything a business is about.

  • Choose an exclusive andcreative company name; many companies are selling a similar product, so the common name may not be effective as far as the competition is concerned. Any unique name can demonstrate your position in the market.

The name should always be kept in mind for the future growth of the business. Choosing a creative and catchy name is nothing more than a process; people tend to buy a product with a good name that they recognize.

The name should always be relevant to the business you do; any irrelevant names may not attract customers.

All jewelry business entrepreneurs should be well versed in the process of naming their business and products and also be familiar with theimportance of a good business name.

your potential customersYou should be able to recognize what your business is selling by looking at the name.

There are many things to know beforechoose the correct namein your brand name. You need a starting point on what personality you want to project and what type of customer you are looking for.

For jewelry trade names, you cangenerate catchy names onlineeasily. Below are some catchy jewelry business name ideas.

Don't forget to read it out loud.Hemp Jewelry Business Marketing Ideas.

jewelry trade names

A jewelry store is a type of business that deals with the manufacture and sale of any type of jewelry. You must have the relevant business knowledge to run this type of jewelry business in public.

Also, it would be helpful if you also have a suitable name for your jewelry store to be recognized. To position yourself in the industry market, you must have some relevant factors that will help you to establish this jewelry business.

The name is one of the important factors to look out for when opening a jewelry store.

RedChic Jewelry

beuBelle Jewelry

the independent jewelers

decorate legal

BlueDrops Jewelry



Collo Motiva Jewelers

big brand


LazyLush Jewelers

ming city center


SuperByt Jewelry

Purple Shadows

exotic jewelry


Mayer wood jewelry

Joyeros PlayCave


Joyeros Tropical Grace

vertical norte


therefore berry


new albert

New Merlin Jewelers

Joyeros NorthWander

Driftwood Jewelry

youth fabric jewelry

CoroNell Jewelers

wave change

Aerona Jewelry


Joyeros HappyTrails

light box

crimson jewels




good minute

CurlyCrew Jewelers

Jewelers DirtyDates

powerful horse

look at this jewel

Who is it?

What else

MenatWork Jewelers


MediaWhat Jewelers


Melted chocolate

Stegbrett Jewelers

neon cap

Adapta Jewelers



ministerial jewelry



Farista Jewelry

cookbook village

broden gray jewelry

Orange Milk Jewelers

point of wonder

(Video) Tips for Creating Content for your Jewelry Business

Numona Mythological Jewelers



street wing

blue grass

Meet Knett Joyeros

Are you planning to start a jewelry business? So read it out loudstep by step guide to starting an online jewelry business.

Jewelry Business Names: 520+ Catchy & Unique Names (video + infographic) (2)

jewelry names

One of the easiest ways to come up with a name for a jewelry store is to research some existing names that are famous and relevant to your store. There are several categories of names that can be used for jewelry stores.

If you choose a specific category, it will be easier for you to come up with a name for a jewel. In addition, a particular name style also helps people to be attracted to your jewelry.

Therefore, you should always aim for the name before opening a jewelry store in public.

QuickJumbo Jewelry

BlueJade Jewelers

beyond the water

urban gray


Joias French Moments



Joyeros QuickClap


old wave jewelers

daddy dew

north edge

sixty second gems

The table

good movement jewelry


Red Avenger's Jewels



Joyeros LoveScale

DarkForce Jewels

Felacia Jewelers

robin roo

steve's pastime

Easton's Jewels

Lisa Vorce

Joia Alison

yifat oren

david stark

Fiona Leah

Raquel Nascimento

stephanie cai

Bryan Rafanelli

knock please

Michelle Rago

gel the glitter

Sofia Crocos

mateo robbins

Luis Otoya

troy williams

Marcy Blum

Bronson van Wyck

Gloss Duo

laurie arons

firefly jewel

Ana David

Nicky Reinhard

tara guerard

Mindy Weiss

Calder Clark

Joy Proctor

Ying Yang

more mist

TruJass Jewelry

grill filler

Jewelry to revive life

FattyCow Jewelers

dirty dirty

CurveMotto Jewelers

water blow



Joyeros BetterBread


rapidLibo Jewelers

Ilerian Jewels

Capa Cosmix


Joyas Beyond Glider

Urban Skill

new addict

turbine tree

Wesley's Wise Jewelers

munofie jewelry

Desley Dee Jewelers


Joyeros EliteCross

night palms

SwagCity Jewelers


(Video) The Ghost Flight | Full Documentary | Helios Flight 522 | 2005

paperLoft jewelry


two types

youth summer jewelry

Jewelry Business Names: 520+ Catchy & Unique Names (video + infographic) (3)

jewelry name ideas

If you are planning to open a jewelry store, then you must have a basic understanding of this type of business. The foundation of your jewelry business must be strong for your business to run smoothly in the future.

Other than that, it would be helpful if you also focus on the name of your jewelry.

Your jewelry name should be relevant to the services your business offers. This will help you give people clarity about your business.

hyper high

SheWood Jewelers

it's worth feeling

Factory 18 Jewelers

ClothVibe Jewelry


screw-on jewelry

arrange to marry


Visit exotic jewelry stores

loving eye

Blue Angel

VelvaMode Jewelers

ClubKiss jewelry

rocking you

Joyas FreshFind


near the city

Bent Star Jewels




Tirana's Jewel

flytap jewelry








clear mount

Joya RockFlip




crevent jewel



joyoliss jewelry


blue elastic

Jerbelyn's Jewel


FrontalJoya Elite

human love

Joia Enessa


crystal jewelry



Joya Scruttlyn


in trance

If you want to think of a few more names, check out the big list ofbusiness name suggestions.

Jewelry Business Names: 520+ Catchy & Unique Names (video + infographic) (4)

jewelry name ideas

When you plan to open a jewelry store, it must be created with the store. A jewelry store is a kind of fancy store and needs to be attractive to attract customers.

On the other hand, the name of a jewel should also be creative. If you have a creative name for a jewel, you may have more advantages. You can easily attract customers to your jewelry with a creative name.

Thursday Axamin

happy mosso





Joia PrimoPlex


joy DianaSense


Arventt Jewelry

o pozo



Joia Flyolle



Joya Prime Zing


jewel of hebron


GoodTrail Jewel


Ruffona Jewel


first feeling

Jewel Magmaz

(Video) How to Make Labels for Jewelry Home Business Small Product Price Tags with Dymo Labelwriter Tutorial


escotta jewel

Joyas CrystalShine

Artesanato YoungSpire

LovinFest Jewelry

sun and coast

Artesanía WhiteBelle

Joyas Spring Secrets

adornment jewelry

BlissStar Jewelry

hemp costume crafts

May Shower Jewelry

LittleHappy Crafts

lucky arms jewelry

SpringBuddy manuals

Adorns Memories

WishyWind Jewelry

ambely hemp

Ancient Adornment Jewelry

Weird Moments Crafts

Cassa Clerra jewelry

Velvo Angel Jewelry

Crafts of the Eastern Elite

Decorate Urban

viola wing jewelry


blue sand curls

neon leaf jewelry

EagerTrance Crafts

silver arrangement

JavaJoe Jewelry

lucia north

Joias WayQ

Craft Two Dolls

Gala Plum

Breeojade Crafts

I agree


Architectural Mission Jewels

Not enough customers? You need a catchy tagline toattract new customers, but I don't know what it should be. Then take a look atcatchy jewelry slogans and slogans.

jewelry company names

When planning to open a jewelry store, it must be created with the store. A jewelry store is a kind of fancy store and needs to be attractive to attract customers.

On the other hand, the name of a jewel should also be creative. If you have a creative name for a jewel, you may have more advantages. You can easily attract customers to your jewelry with a creative name.

endless berries

Jewels of the Rouze Valley

Bella Jewelry

hobby glider

Joyas West Cosmix


DazzleDengy Jewelry

pierre case

Mere Darlin Jewelry

she eclectic

misty warm

Sunny Sativa Jewels

White JewelryPray

Rua Aerona

HappyTrails manuals

PureCrysta Jewelry

Spire Hues Jewelry


Lewis Craft Laws

sunny hugs jewelry



marlene real

hemp fir

fine jade jewelry

Amella crafts

FirstElite Jewelry

mystical mist

fabuna jewelry

Artesanato EarthyLady

Brown Threaded

secret rhythm

Enchanted House Crafts

Purple Hemp Jewelry


hemp hugs

hemp leaders

Luna and Son Jewelry

my secret closet

nature store

the rhythm of nature

pieces of peace

sativa jewels


Cali Girl Customs

dreadlock jewelry

Earth Girl Customs

earthly jewels

eclectic crafts

(Video) The Only Shopify Dropshipping Course You Will Ever Need (FREE FOR EVERYONE)

lit jewels

fantastic hemp

hemp beauty

hemp craft

hemp experts

hemp universe

jewel sun and earth

sunny beach jewelry

sunny boutique

land and sea jewelry

The basement

the hemp club

exclusively yours

wild wood

dream Catcher

all that glitters

bright spirit

shiny pearls

Desert Hemp Jewelry

perpetual hemp jewelry

GreenValley Hemp Jewelry

KickAss Hemp Jewelry

jewelry empire

Special Commitments Jewelers

The Golden Store

holiday jewelry

sea ​​of ​​diamonds

the place of jewelry

the Golden eggs chicken

abundance of gold

luxury fine jewelry

Jewelers of the Holy Grail

golden touch

sun soaked jewelry

Sterling Jewelry Co.

love jewelers

Trinity Jewelers & Co.

traveling jewelers

gold pot

look at me custom jewelry

ice jewelers

the diamond band

ireland gold

magic clasp jewelry

gold mine jewelry

charming jewelry store

Jewelers Ring of Memories

Maria's Touch Jewelry

She said yes! Jewelers

Johnson Jewelers

glitter shop

the velvet box


Bigger than gold jewelers

stone appeal

metal spectrum jewelry

light up jewelers

classic jewelry

infinite jewelers

Classic Custom Jewelry

the gallery

Smith Joyeros & Co.

the jewelry gallery

the mirror jewelers

The Gemstone Gallery

jeweler's loupe

luxury gold

Custom jewelry manufacturing

platinum people

spring jewelry boxes

jewel palace

gold bar jewelry

IvyLeague Hemp Jewelry

Lakeside hemp jewelry

Camelot Hemp Jewelry

Horse Chestnut Jewelry

nexus jewel

creekside jew

How to choose a name for the jewelry business?

  • When choosing a name for your jewelry business, first look at names of successful companies in the same field to get some relevant ideas.
  • Your jewelry store name can be decided based on your business portfolio to provide clarity to the audience.
  • Another easy way to choose a name for your jewelry business is to research the types of words that match the vibes of the business you are establishing.
  • You can also choose a name for a jewelry store by choosing a name style as this will give you lots of options and also help you to inspire people to the business.
  • In addition, the name of your jewelry store can also be chosen through some brands that correspond to the characteristics that your company offers to the public.

Why is the name of the jewelry store important?

  • The name of your jewelry store is of utmost importance because this name will ultimately help your business to be identified in the future public.
  • You can collaborate with many other companies in the same field as well as different fields if you have a good name for your jewelry business.
  • In addition, your jewelry store name will also help you to claim a secure position that will be beneficial for your business in the future.
  • Another advantage of having a name for a jewelry store is that it can help people remember your business easily.
  • In addition, your jewelry store name will also help your business growth which will help you to earn a lot of profit and success.

How to create a business name for jewelry?

  • To come up with a great name for your jewelry business, you need to be creative with names as this will create a unique name for your business.
  • Your jewelry store name should be created to make your business attractive to people.
  • You can use your ideas to come up with some amazing names for your jewelry business to make an impression on the public.
  • Another way to come up with a name for your jewelry business is to use your local area name to make it popular with the public.
  • Also, you can create your jewelry store name using famous words and relevant business terms.
Jewelry Business Names: 520+ Catchy & Unique Names (video + infographic) (5)

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How do you come up with a quirky business name? ›

The best way to come up with quirky business names is by brainstorming words related to your business. It's important to think about what your quirky business is about. Ask yourself, what type of company are you, what kind of products do you sell, where are you located, and who runs the business?

How can I make my jewelry brand unique? ›

Devise a unique brand aesthetic

Find a great custom packaging company to partner with, like noissue or Packlane, to help make your packaging stand out. Don't forget about your website! It's also worth hiring a graphic designer to help create a logo and other branding materials for a consistent brand look and feel.

How do I start a trendy jewelry business? ›

How to Start a Jewelry Business in 7 Steps
  1. Determine your products.
  2. Define your brand.
  3. Start production.
  4. Set up a jewelry business studio or workspace.
  5. Take professional photos of your products.
  6. Build your online store.
  7. Market your ecommerce jewelry brand.
Nov 1, 2022

How do I choose a catchy brand name? ›

Here are five things to keep in mind when naming your startup.
  1. Does it describe what you do?
  2. Will people understand what your product is about?
  3. Is it rooted in a value your brand stands for?
  4. Is it catchy and memorable?
  5. Does it infringe on another brand's name?

What is a perfect business name? ›

Don't choose a name that is too long or complicated. Remember that your business name needs to be appealing to your customers. It should sound pleasant, familiar and conjure up positive emotions. It also needs to be easy to pronounce and remember.

What are some creative names? ›

Creative Names
  • Anakin.
  • Angel.
  • Blaze.
  • Brooklyn.
  • Cairo.
  • Destiny.
  • Isla.
  • Jagger.
Oct 29, 2022

How do you introduce a jewelry brand? ›

Create Marketing Collateral

Business cards are a great way to introduce yourself and let people know what kind of jewelry you have to offer. Make sure you include your logo and all relevant contact information, as well as a brief description of your product range.

How do you get inspiration for jewelry? ›

7 Ways to Find Jewelry Design Ideas and Inspiration
  1. Look around and let nature inspire you. ...
  2. Look at other designs for inspiration. ...
  3. Stay in touch with the latest fashions. ...
  4. Follow jewelry blogs. ...
  5. Start sketching. ...
  6. Look back in time. ...
  7. Take a break.
Feb 11, 2019

Is a small jewelry business profitable? ›

Fine jewellery is an incredibly lucrative market, with costs per item being far higher than that of costume/fashion alternatives. While fine jewellery accounts for a greater proportion of sales than all others, it also entails significant start-up costs.

Is selling jewelry a good business? ›

Selling jewelry is extremely profitable and the average gross margin for jewelers is 42.6%. Some online jewelry businesses make over a 70% margin because selling online is so inexpensive.

What is a catchy name? ›

If you describe a tune, name, or advertisement as catchy, you mean that it is attractive and easy to remember.

How do you create a unique name? ›

By reading the naming strategies below you'll certainly pick up useful skills in creating cool character names.
  1. Pick a One Word Name. ...
  2. Go Wild With Humor. ...
  3. Make the Name Match. ...
  4. Reverse the First and Last Name. ...
  5. Repeat. ...
  6. Use Your Name. ...
  7. Use an Anagram Generator. ...
  8. Add a Prefix or Suffix.

What are good LLC names? ›

List of 99 business name ideas
  • Kickstart.
  • Digital Dive.
  • The Growth Co.
  • Creative Juice.
  • Be Seen.
  • Webpreneur.
  • Everglow.
  • Fearless.
Oct 18, 2022

What makes a strong brand name? ›

It's vital that the name is distinctive, authentic, memorable, enduring, and defensible, so it resonates with your target audience, sticks in their minds, builds and maintains trust with your consumers, and remains relevant as your company evolves.

What makes a brand name attractive? ›

Ideally, you want something that's: Meaningful: It communicates your brand essence, conjures an image, and cultivates a positive emotional connection. Distinctive: It is unique, memorable, and stands out from your competitors. Accessible: People can easily interpret it, say it, spell it, or Google it.

How do I make myself a brand name? ›

How to build a brand
  1. Research your target audience and your competitors.
  2. Pick your focus and personality.
  3. Choose your business name.
  4. Write your slogan.
  5. Choose the look of your brand (colors and font).
  6. Design your brand logo.
  7. Apply your branding across your business.
Oct 29, 2022

How do I combine two business names? ›

Combine Full Last or First Names

This is the simplest way to combine two business owner names into one company name. Use the last name of each person side by side. Examples include Smith & Wesson or Jones White. Put your two last names together and add punctuation, or the word “and”, or an ampersand.

What is a good unique name? ›

20 Unique Unisex Baby Names
  • Akira.
  • Averill.
  • Chrisley.
  • Dallas.
  • Dell.
  • Gio.
  • Kamala.
  • Leith.
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What are cool rare names? ›

100 Uncommon Baby Names to Help Your Child Stand Out from the...
  • Khaleesi. All credits to George R. R. ...
  • Paityn. Paityn is a gender-neutral English name with American spelling—alternatives include Payton and Peyton.
  • Quinn. ...
  • Fatima. ...
  • Serafina. ...
  • Emerson. ...
  • Petra. ...
  • Amalia.

What are rare pretty names? ›

Pretty and Unique Baby Girl Names
  • Annalise. A combination of the name Anna and Lise, this name is simple, pretty, and unique.
  • Brigitta. This name is the German, Dutch, and Hungarian form of Bridget, but here, it seems to have a more feminine ring to it.
  • Charmaine. ...
  • Constance. ...
  • Geneviève. ...
  • Larisa. ...
  • Lorelei. ...
  • Lucinda.
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How do you name a luxury brand? ›

When naming a luxury brand, keep these pointers in mind:
  1. The name should be easy to remember.
  2. Short and simple is best.
  3. The name must be unique.
  4. The name has to be easy to pronounce.
  5. The name should be easy to spell.
Feb 28, 2023

What are 3 types of brand names? ›

Brand names fall into three fundamental categories: descriptive, suggestive, and empty vessel. The three categories are like archetypes.

What are the 5 brand personalities? ›

In The Journal of Marketing Research, Jennifer Aaker outlines five dimensions of brand personality: sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication, and ruggedness.

How can I make my jewelry brand successful? ›

  1. Create an Identifiable Brand. When someone sees your jewelry (whether in person or online), they should be able to immediately identify it as yours. ...
  2. Know Your Target Market. ...
  3. Know Your Competition. ...
  4. Develop Strategic Pricing. ...
  5. Make a Business Plan.
May 6, 2022

What is the most profitable way to sell jewelry? ›

Your choices are a jewelry store, a pawn shop or a “We Buy Gold” dealer. In most cases all three will offer you “scrap value,” that is, the value of the metal, diamonds and gems. Of the three, you'll usually get the most money from a jeweler.

How do I advertise my jewelry on social media? ›

How 6 Jewelry Brands Use Instagram to Sell Their Products
  1. Share the Inspiration Behind Your Jewelry Designs. ...
  2. Lean Into ASMR Content. ...
  3. Make It Shoppable. ...
  4. Use Instagram Story Highlights. ...
  5. Create a Rhythm to Your Posts So Customers Keep Coming Back. ...
  6. Be Ready to Engage in the Comments.
May 27, 2022

How can I advertise my jewellery online? ›

Use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to target potential customers. Google Ads. Google's advertising platform places ads on websites related to your jewelry. Email marketing.

What is a quote for jewelry? ›

Wearing Beautiful Jewellery Makes Every Moment Great.” “Jewellery make person look beautiful.” “Jewellery Is the Way of Keeping Memories Alive.” “Jewellery Is Must Be Simple but Significant.”

What makes a good jewelry? ›

Always Long-Lasting

Cheaper materials or sloppy craftsmanship can shorten the lifespan of a piece of jewellery. To that end, you should only purchase jewellery made from pure metals (gold being the finest), guarantee only high-quality gemstones, avoid wearing plastic, and so on.

What is a short description for jewelry business? ›

A jewellery store (American English: jewelry store) is a retail business establishment, that specializes in selling (and also buying) jewellery and watches. Jewellery stores provide many services such as repairs, remodeling, restoring, designing and manufacturing pieces.

How is jewelry self expression? ›

Jewelry is a beautiful form of self-expression; you can express your style and taste by wearing your favorite jewelry items and you can express your love and emotion by gifting the jewelry items such as wedding or engagement rings.

What is an adjective to describe jewelry? ›

durable. easy-to-maintain. eco-friendly. edgy. elegant.

What type of jewelry sells best? ›

When considering the whole population, necklaces are the top-selling jewelry category. 87% of women say they wear earrings regularly, while 64% wear a necklace, and 47% a bracelet daily.

Do jewelers make a lot of money? ›

A Jeweler can get an average wage on a scale from $26,050 - $77,330 depending on tenure and industry expertise. will normally receive an average salary of fourty-eight thousand and fifty dollars yearly.

How much money do I need to start a jewelry business? ›

Retail Jewelry Store Startup Costs – Brick and Mortar

The total cost to open a retail jewelry store is $9,200 – $29,000 which includes set-up costs of business registration, rent deposit, building renovations, display cases, logo design, advertising, and inventory purchasing.

Is jewelry in high demand? ›

The global jewelry market size was valued at USD 340.69 billion in 2022 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.6% from 2023 to 2030. Increasing disposable income and innovative jewelry designs offered by manufacturers are expected to drive product demand.

How do I write a jewelry business plan? ›

How to write a jewellery business plan
  1. An executive summary. This is simply an introduction to your online jewellery business plan. ...
  2. A company overview. ...
  3. Key information about the jewellery you'll sell. ...
  4. A marketing plan. ...
  5. Some company milestones. ...
  6. Map out your team's responsibilities. ...
  7. Include a financial plan.

Do jewelry salesmen make good money? ›

The salaries of Jewelry Salespeople in the US range from $17,360 to $40,200 , with a median salary of $21,780 . The middle 60% of Jewelry Salespeople makes $21,780, with the top 80% making $40,200.

Who is the goddess of jewellery? ›

Ea, who is also called Enki and Nudimud, is the inheritor of the Apsu, is the deity of 'sweet waters' (fresh waters), the supporter of culture, wisdom, craft-men, goldsmiths (jewellers), masonries (sculptors), carpenters and the originator of knowledge.

How do I brand my jewelry business? ›

The Market Research Process to Build Your Jewelry Business
  1. Define Your Brand Identity and Aesthetic. Begin by establishing your brand's identity, mission, and purpose. ...
  2. Choose Your Brand Name. ...
  3. Determine your brand values and mission. ...
  4. Develop a unique selling proposition. ...
  5. Create a visual identity (logo, packaging, etc.)
Jan 2, 2023

Who is the god of diamonds? ›

Diamonds in Greek mythology

Adamas, and it's brother adamant, are used throughout mythology to further the connection to diamonds.

Who is the god of gold? ›

Chrysus (Greek: Χρυσός; Khrysos; meaning "gold") in Greek mythology is a minor god and the personification of gold.

Who is the god of chains? ›

ParentsZeus and Hera, or Hera alone
SiblingsAeacus, Angelos, Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Dionysus, Eileithyia, Enyo, Eris, Ersa, Hebe, Helen of Troy, Heracles, Hermes, Minos, Pandia, Persephone, Perseus, Rhadamanthus, the Graces, the Horae, the Litae, the Muses, the Moirai
12 more rows

What are some catchy sayings? ›

1. Concise
  • “Finger-Lickin' Good”
  • “I'm Lovin' It”
  • “Imagination at Work”
  • “They're GRRR-EAT”
  • “Think Different”
  • “Just Do It”
  • “Diamonds Are Forever”
Mar 31, 2021

How do you get a catchy slogan? ›

How do you write a catchy slogan?
  1. - Play on a popular phrase (Adidas: Impossible is nothing)
  2. - Keep it short and punchy (Apple: Think different)
  3. - Use onomatopoeia (Mazda: Zoom Zoom)
  4. - Include your brand's name (Dunkin' Donuts: America runs on Dunkin')
  5. - Aim to inspire (L'Oreal: Because you're worth it)

Is jewelry a good business to start? ›

Is a Jewelry Business Profitable? Yes, a store where you sell your jewelry can be profitable. In fact, the average gross margin for jewelers in the global jewelry market is about 42.6%. That means for every $100 worth of product sold, the jeweler makes approximately $42.60 in profit.


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